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The chain's iconic Big Mac — which prompted the Economist to begin publishing its Big Mac Index as an international indicator of comparative individual purchasing power in — wasn't introduced until The Quarter Pounder didn't exist until There are 16 oz.

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If you've never had one, White Castle burgers are also called sliders for several reasons — not the least of which is that they're tiny. Like anything else, the prices for these competing products have varied by region since the beginning — so all prices below are approximate, and will vary based on your geographic location. And, some burger prices were not readily available. K eep in mind that Wendy's didn't join the competition until — but their single patties have always weighed 4 ounces.

Top 10 Best Burger King Menu Items

Based on the sources available, here are approximate dollar amounts that fast-food burgers cost in the US the year you were born. It's worth noting that while White Castle sliders were roughly half the size of Whoppers at the time, you could get four of them for the same price as one Whopper.

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In other words, with a little math and good geographical luck, you could theoretically have gotten twice the burger bang for your buck with a handful of sliders. Alongside your fries, nuggies, and drink, you can choose between four types of burgers, two different chicken sandwiches, and two different chicken wraps. Sure Wendy talks the talk, but it turns out that she can most certainly walk the walk.

T-Bell fans are scary, like Raiders fans, and this seems like a death wish. They have a lot of stuff on their Dollar Cravings menu: the supremely over-advertised nacho fries, a couple of burritos, some desserts, the shredded chicken quesadilla which might be the crown jewel , and even some nachos.

Really, all the pieces are in place here. I love Del Taco.

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I really do. But when I started writing this, I wholeheartedly agreed to give everything an equal and fair shot. I tried so many different times to find a reason not to give Del Taco the top spot.

Items of Note

But look, science is science. Del Taco is the value menu heavyweight champion.

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Free Burger king 20 dollar dinner deals

Fork Yeah. Share on Facebook Pin it. Sonic On the plus side, Sonic's got an extremely robust everyday value menu featuring their great tots, their OK burgers, corn dogs, slushies, and even a breakfast burrito. Carl's Jr. Burger King Burger King has some stuff going on, for sure. Jack in the Box Jack gets it. Del Taco I love Del Taco. Want More? Like Us.